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Earn with AZURE HASH

AZURE HASH MINING LTD is a unique online project that provides an excellent opportunity to earn money by investing in Bitcoin crypto-currencies. We offer business cooperation, which will bring a high income, both from personal investments, and from the investments of your referral partners. This is a unique offer on a long-term basis, which will provide a decent income for each investor during his investment activities.










Affiliate program AZURE HASH MINING LTD
for out investors

Use our partner bonuses program, which will let you achieve the highest possible dividends from our project.

Welcome to our Project

Being in search of a suitable investment tool, you always try to evaluate all its pros and cons, risks and prospects. Among the huge number of tools that help earning money, there is no a single absolute tool, which would promise you high interest and the absence of any risks. But instead, there are some of the best ones, which offer the highest income and the most minimal risks among all others.

Six years ago we made our choice in favor of the Bitcoin crypto-currency, the first of its kind. Since then, we have been engaged in the mining of various crypto-currencies and have made great strides in this area. We chose mining and do not regret it. Since the appearance of such currency type, it keeps showing an increasing interest among the investors. This is a unique currency, as well as the type of earnings that it provides, having incredible demand throughout the world, as evidenced by such a rapid rise in its price and the emergence of new coins.

Our company provides all the opportunities for effective income. We have vast experience and skills in this field. You only need to make a step in the right direction, which will certainly have a positive effect on you in the future. Join us and find out more about our company and the prospects of earning money.

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Why choose AZURE HASH ?

AZURE HASH is constantly developing, improving and expanding its data centers. The newest equipment is added, more powerful and less bulky, which makes it possible to use much more miners with much greater power for the cryptocurrency mining.

The unique design of our mining farms, efficient cooling, which combines economy with high performance, as well as modern equipment make us one of the best in the field of mining. Join us and earn with us.

  • Best equipment
    ASIC-miners of the latest generation are able to produce crypto-currency quickly and cheaply
  • Effective security
    Reliable protection of the service and absolute confidentiality of user data
  • Guarantee of profits
    High and stable income throughout the entire investment activity
  • 24/7 Support
    Our tech Support team is ready to help you with any questions at any time of the day.


Excellent conditions

We strive to provide the simplest possible service management, which will allow you to get good interest with minimal time.

Affiliate program

Use this type of earnings, creating your own structure of personally invited users, and then you can earn even more, but with a minimal investment.

Convenient management

Personal backoffice with a single account balance, where you can follow your statistics, project statistics and your personally invited partners.

No risks

The unique cooling system for the mining equipment and round-the-clock maintenance ensure an efficient and uninterrupted work by 98%.


Daily percent

Min. amount: 0.001 BTC
Max. amount: 1.00 BTC
Hourly percent: 0.16 %
Duration: Infinity

Available to withdraw after 24 h
with 5% commission


Daily percent

Min. amount: 1.001 BTC
Max. amount: 5.00 BTC
Hourly percent: 0.18 %
Duration: Infinity

Available to withdraw after 24 h
with 5% commission


Daily percent

Min. amount: 5.001 BTC
Max. amount: 50.00 BTC
Hourly percent: 0.21 %
Duration: Infinity

Available to withdraw after 24 h
with 5% commission

Input your deposit amount

* Use the investment calculator to see the possible profit. Simply enter the required deposit amount, after which you will get the result on the left side of the calculator.


Your hourly profit

Best offer for Clients

Company provides three separate contracts, differing by the profitability rate and the amount that can be invested. The withdrawal of the deposit body is possible in 24 hours with a 5% fee. After opening the deposit for the selected plan, you will receive ongoing interest every hour.

The company’s financial department has developed a special system that allows paying a high daily interest to every investor. Using only the most high-tech equipment on our farms and professional services, we can provide investors with the best conditions for generating income.

Official registration AZURE HASH

The main goal and priority for us is reliability, stability and long-term. All these factors can provide only a legal and absolutely legitimate approach to doing business. That is why the company AZURE HASH MINING LTD has an official registration and all legal documents and permits for doing business.

We are officially registered in the UK, our main office is at: 267 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom, SW3 5EN. The company's registration number is 11097599. We strive to meet high quality standards and create only the best conditions for our customers.

267 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

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